The National Council for Women and UN Women Praise the Selection of “Between Two Seas” in Brooklyn Film Festival

Joint Press Release

Cairo, 26 May 2019- “Between Two Seas” by the director Anas Tolba competes within the 22nd Brooklyn Film Festival (31 May – 9 June). The film is the outcome of a joint collaboration between the National Council for Women, UN Women, Axeer and development partners out of their belief in the role of cinema in changing the negative cultures and perceptions towards women in different societies.

Dr. Maya Morsy; President of the National Council for Women expressed her content with the selection of “Between Two Seas” to participate in the official competition at Brooklyn Film Festival in the United States, together with films from around the world, which is a clear indicator of the success of the film and its ability to communicate its message to the audience.  Dr. Morsy added that the film tackles a few societal problems that face women in rural areas. Dr. Morsy also highlighted that “Between Two Seas” succeeded in winning two awards in Aswan Women’s International Film Festival for best screenplay and best director. She also thanked the whole team behind the film highlighting their great role in producing the film so professionally wishing them the best of luck and success and hoping that the film wins more awards in different international festivals.

“UN Women is a strong believer in the importance of arts and cinema in influencing positive behavior and mindsets and challenging negative perceptions that are deeply rooted in traditions. We are really proud of the success of the film so far and we are looking forward to not only receive more awards, but we hope to reach communities across the country to ensure that the film’s message is well-delivered and received,” stated Blerta Aliko; UN Women Country Representative

The film will be screened on Tuesday, June 4th at Windmill Studios and on Thursday, June 6th at Wythe Hotel. The screenings will be followed by Q&A sessions, with the attendance of the film’s director.

Brooklyn Film Festival is a competitive international festival that aims to promote public interest in independent cinema and attract the world’s attention to Brooklyn as a center of film industry.

Directed by Anas Tolba and written by Mariam Naoum, “Between Two Seas” stars Fatma Adel, Yara Goubran, Tharaa Goubail, Mahmoud Fares, Arfa Abdel Rassoul, and Lobna Wanas. The film is produced by Axeer, and the Executive Producer Abdelrahman Al-Garawany while the marketing and distribution is managed by MAD Solutions.

For more information, please contact Maha Rateb; Communication and Advocacy Analyst at

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