ITU-UNESCO and the AUC to join forces in promoting “Health, Education and Big Data for enhancing wellbeing” in Tech Talk Event on 24 September 2019

The Digital Inclusion Tech-Talks is a TED-style event organized by ITU, UNESCO and AUC as part of the 2019 Digital Inclusion Week for the Arab States. The 2019 Health Exhibition and Tech-Talks will be held on 24 September at the Centennial Campus of the America University in Cairo’s Tahir Square campus. The event will highlight initiatives that are increasing awareness and behavior change through innovative uses of information and communication technologies (ICTs) and data to enhance health and educational outcomes.


The 2019 ITU-UNESCO Digital Inclusion Week will be held from 22-28 September 2019 under the theme “Health, Education and Big Data for enhancing wellbeing”. The Week contributes to enlarging the space for participation and enhancing individual and societal well-being. In particular, it supports understanding of the 2030 sustainable development goals (SDGs) and explores how digital inclusion and the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) can enhance the well-being of individuals and societies. The Week promotes collaboration, the sharing of case studies and experiences to identify best practices and contribute to more effective actions and policies.


For those interested to attend, please register on the  Google Link:

For more information, please visit our Facebook Event Page:


Dr Paul Hector- Advisor, Communication and Information (CI) Sector, UNESCO (

Mr. Omar Abdel Gawad- Programme Associate, CI Sector, UNESCO (

Ms. Shihao Feng, Programme Associate Intern, CI Sector, UNESCO (

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