About UNIC Cairo

UNIC Cairo was established in 1949 and is the largest UN Information Centre of the nine located in the Arab region. It is part of the Department of Global Communications’ (DGC) network of 63 United Nations Information Centres (UNICs), Services (UNIS) and offices (UNOs) throughout the world. These serve to link UN Headquarters with people around the world and are the field offices of the DGC.

Their tasks include helping local communities obtain up-to-date information on the Organization and working to enhance public understanding of the organization, its strategies, policies, priorities and activities. Many of these DGC field outposts provide public information support to more than one country.

In 2007, UNICs in Cairo, Mexico City and Pretoria were given the added regional responsibility of providing support and advice to smaller UNICs in their respective regions including policy guidance and information outreach assistance. UNIC Cairo provides such regional support and policy guidance to UNICs in the Arab region.

UNIC Cairo works to communicate the UN message in a clear and timely way to enhance the understanding of the UN priorities and activities. This is done through outreach activities and partnerships with local and national government authorities, local, regional and international media, civil society (NGOs and private sector), educational institutions (schools and universities) and other UN agencies in Egypt.

UNIC reports directly to the Department of Global Communications at the Secretariat of United Nations Headquarters in New York. UNIC provides substantive and logistical support during visits of the Secretary-General and other senior UN officials to the region. This support includes arranging media interviews and press conferences as well as media monitoring.

UNIC Cairo’s Reference Library is open to the public and maintains a comprehensive collection of UN documents and publications in English, French and Arabic. It disseminates UN documents and major reports, press kits, posters, fact sheets and brochures to visiting groups and/or during events and observances.

UNIC Cairo chairs the UN Communications Group (UNCG) in Egypt and the UN Communications Group for the Arab Region (UNCGAR).