UNIC’s Library

The UNIC’s Reference Library maintains an important collection of UN documents, books, publications and outreach material.

Its resources include reference books, complete texts of major decisions and resolutions, by the General Assembly, the Security Council and other United Nations bodies’ reports, publications, periodicals, posters, leaflets and magazines.

The Reference Library has a very valuable collection of UN statistics yearbooks; it also maintains United Nations films and videos. The library collection is updated constantly with current United Nations documentation, pouched weekly from Headquarters.

Most United Nations reference materials are regularly distributed by UNIC to local organizations and individuals with specific interests. Public information materials are also mailed out in response to written or telephone requests and given out to library visitors.

The Library refers the interested public to national libraries which are depositories of United Nations documents. The UNIC library, together with the depository libraries, and the reference libraries of other United Nations agencies in the area, form a unique source of documentation on the work of the United Nations.

Working Hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 10:00hrs – 14:00hrs

The library offers personalized service and help to its visitors and users including sitting facilities, Internet access to UN resources as well as responses to telephone.

For more information on the UNIC Library and its services, please contact: info (at)unic-eg.org