What we do

UNIC Cairo activities are information and communication oriented.

On daily basis, UNIC Cairo selects and transmits to the Office of the Spokesperson of the Secretary-General the “’Morning Headlines”, a succinct extracts from the local media on issues of interest to the UN; Monitors daily and weekly media coverage in Egypt  and reporting these to the News Monitoring Unit of the UN Department of Global Communications, which uses them for research and reference purposes and in a bi-weekly global Press Review ; and selects and disseminates information and documents received from the Department of Global Communications, including messages of the Secretary-General, to media, government, civil society, academia and other stakeholders.

Serving the Media

As a major UN information resource, UNIC serves both printed and audiovisual media and collaborates with them to reach the widest public.

UNIC responds to various requests by journalists and media practitioners and provides responses and information about UN related subjects and events. UNIC regularly organizes press briefings and conferences, disseminates press releases and information materials, conducts or arranges interviews with UN senior officials visiting Cairo and organizes visits and events.

UNIC often provides support to other UN agencies based in Cairo to disseminate information. It also cooperates with DGC and other UN agencies in translating and disseminating information materials to the media and public in Egypt and the Arab region.

Facilitating access to UN Knowledge

The UNIC’s Reference Library contains a substantive wide range of UN documents in English, Arabic and French. The library is open to general public Sunday-Thursday, 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM. Except on public holidays. Public information materials are also mailed out in response to written or telephone requests.
The Library refers the interested public to national libraries which are depositories of United Nations documents. UNIC library, together with the depository libraries, and the reference libraries of other United Nations agencies in the area, form a unique source of documentation on the work of the United Nations.

UN Observances

UN observes certain days, weeks and years dedicated to some issues of international common interest. These observances lead by the UN or one of its specialized agencies provide opportunities for enhancing awareness and mobilizing the international public opinion on strategic issues for humanity.
UNIC Cairo generally promotes these observances in partnership with other UN agencies, government, academia, educational institutions and NGOs by organizing special events such as panel discussions, Media briefings, exhibitions etc. More information on UN Observances.

Developing partnerships

The main partners of UNIC are media, government, educational institutions, civil society and the diplomatic community.